Pressinoic Acid
CAS No. : 35748-51-7

Pressinoic Acid
Cat. No. : CS-0044426
M. Wt. : 774.86
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Name: Pressinoic Acid; 
Cat. No. : CS-0044426
CAS No. : 35748-51-7
Formula: C33H42N8O10S2
M. Wt. : 774.86
Solubility: H2O


Pressinoic Acid is a synthetic hexapeptide with potent corticotrophin-releasing activity. Pressinoic Acid is also an oxytocin inhibitor; it induces maternal behavior. IC50 & Target: Oxytocin[1] In Vitro: Pressinoic acid, a synthetic hexapeptide that corresponds to the ring of vasopressin, exhibits corticotrophin-releasing activity in vitro in doses of 3 and 30 ng/mL[1].


Cell Assay: [1]Single halved pituitary glands of female CFE rats weighing 100 to 150 g are preincubated for two hours in Krebs-Ringer-bicarbonate-glucose (2%) medium under 5% CO2 in O2, and then for one hour periods each with 300 ng. lysine vasopressin and the sample of vasopressin ring peptide Pressinoic Acid. The incubations are separated by a one hour ish period. The media from the pituitary incubations are added to rat adrenal quarters superfused for estimation of the steroidogenic response to the corticotrophin released. The steroidogenie effect of the unstimulated release of corticotrophin by the pituitary tissue and the possible steroidogenic effect of the peptide directly on the adrenal tissue are measured together by adding the peptide to the media from pituitary tissue incubated without peptide for one hour[1].


Langs DA, et al. Structure of pressinoic acid: the cyclic moiety of vasopressin. Science. 1986 Jun 6;232(4755):1240-2.

Saffran M, et al. Pressinoic acid: a peptide with potent corticotrophin-releasing activity. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1972 Nov 1;49(3):748-51.

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